Custom Shirt Private Label Service

The best way to put your business above the competion is with custom t-shirt labels with your logo. Build your brand and keep the customers coming back.
Want to take your company to the next level? We offer custom relabeling services that transform typical screen printed shirts to a higher standard of brand recognition. We can put just about whatever you want on the labels from the fabric makeup to your website or company phrase.
We can create your private label for you! Contact us for details.
The original manufacturer label is completely removed to be replaced by your custom logo, with no additional branding or logos from any company but yours.
Below are some of the most commonly used blank garments for private label. These brands/style #’s feature “tear away” labels, providing you with the cleanest look for relabel.
Men’s Tee – Next Level 3600
Men’s Tee – Anvil 779
Women’s Tee – Next Level 3300
Please note that setup is per garment blend. If you have 100% cotton tees, as well as 50/50 tees, setup would be a total of $40.
Ink changes may be required at times per your request or depending on the color of the garments within your order. Ink changes are $10 each.